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Warda-Art is a small and friendly design studio based in Berlin providing creative illustration and CGI services for game developers, advertising, publishing and corporate clients.


Drawing on many years of experience and a firmly based background in illustration, Warda-Art offers a wide range of artistic styles. Specialized in digital Illustration and CGI, including custom 3D modeling and character design, Warda-Art has contributed artwork to numerous projects for multiple platforms like games, magazines, advertising and more.


- Photoshop
- Modo
- ZBrush
- Procreate
- Painter
- FinalCut Pro X


I am passionate about art and illustration, I like to create images leading us to places that only exist in imagination. Develop products or creatures that make people stop and say Wow!
I work closely with my clients to create tailor made visual solutions that bring ideas and visions to existence.
Wether it is a stylish new product, an alien creature for a movie, a beautiful girl for advertising or a funny little monster for a game.

About Joerg Warda

I started my career in illustration at the age of fourteen with my first small jobs doing illustrations for a local fantasy game shop. While my first years, I primarily worked with pencils and taught myself the basics of airbrush technique. I devoted my time to create the Fantasy and Sci-Fi art that influenced me from TV and books. 

Soon I became one of the founding members of the Berlin Airbrush Club. For the next years, I served the complete range of airbrush art, from body painting to demo at trade shows and teaching airbrush classes.

After graduating as a graphic artist, I formed my own little design studio specialized in illustration and graphic design.
In 2001 I took the chance and joined Fraunhofer Institute as Graphic-Artist and User Interface Designer. In the next seven years I had the privilege to work on international projects together with companies like Sony, Samsung, BMW and the BBC.

In 2009 I went into the games industry and joined a small start up game developer where created the 2D/3D art work, characters and games assets for mobile games and Apps. After a few years as a indi game developer I took the offer and went for bigger games and a larger company. I joined Pro7/Aeria Games where I worked for nearly three Years before I decidet to go freelance again and work for a broader range of clients.

When not woking in my studio you will find me photographing and traveling the world together with my lovely wife.


  ARNO Art Award 2008
  Fantasyana Award
  CG Gallery Trophy Award
  Excellence Award by Ballistic Publishing
  "Artist of the Month" Award by Infinitee Designs
  EXOTIQUE 5 - the world's most beautiful digital characters
  SPECTRUM 16 - the best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.
  EXOTIQUE 4 - the world's most beautiful digital characters
  EXOTIQUE 3 - the world's most beautiful digital characters
  SPECTRUM 14 - the best in Contemporary Fantastic Art.
  EXOTIQUE 2 - the world’s most beautiful digital characters
  PAINTER - The World's Finest Painter Art
  IT'S ART Magazine #1-2009
  SPIEGEL-ONLINE 19.12.2008
  DOCMA #26-2008
  Amazing Events #1-2008
  Forbidden Whisper Magazine #5-2008
  IT'S ART Magazine 2nd Aniversary issue - 2008
  Official Corel Painter Magazine #2-2007
  Forbidden Whispers Magazine #3-2007
  IT'S ART Magazine #7-2006
  Art Scene International #05-2006
  Art Scene International #04-2006
  IT'S ART Magazine #05-2006
  //ADAPT ART EXPO 2008 - Montreal

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